Partnerships and collaborations

Finding the right partner, with the right attitude and level of professionalism, for the right project is a skill in itself. Bonita Video LLC is always looking for partnership opportunities, from sports to weddings, from black-tie corporate events to “fashion-challenged” occasions, from non-profits promos to government documentaries, from Public Service Announcements to high-profile commercials, from music videos to full featured concerts. Bonita Video LLC is the choice for a full-customized partnership solution to your project.

Bonita Video LLC is an Alliance for Community Media, the national organization for community media, a speaker in community media issues, and Hometown Video Awards judging center.

We also enjoy working with fellow freelance video makers, with or without equipment, writers, and on-camera talent, 18 to 81, to help us out with our workload. If you live within reasonable range, and share our standards for high work ethics, we are interested in working with you. Paid internship opportunities also available.

Send us a note to  [email protected]