Everything old is new again

Media transfers

Remember 16mm ? VHS ? 8mm ? Super 8 ? 4-track ? Vinyl ? Cassettes ? Micro-cassettes ? 3/4″ tapes ? Betamax ? UMATIC ? Reel-to-Reel ? We do too. And we know how amazing it is to keep and relieve those timeless moments. They are part of who you are. That’s why you kept them for all these years.

Unfortunately, some older formats don’t stand well the test of time, and may deteriorate to the point of no return. Precious memories like that, are always worth the effort to restore them, and bring them back to life. A new life, a new format that you can see, and hear again, and share with the rest of your friends, and loved ones. 

Bonita Video LLC, can transfer your media storage, from most audio and video standard analog formats, to current audio and video digital formats.